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Looking For The Best Roofing Contractor in Burlington, NC and Surrounding Area?

Watch this short video to see what makes MCSquared Roofing the go to roofing contractor in Burlington, NC.

Roofing Done Right

You bought your car online, or maybe you even met your partner or purchased your home online. The time is here to avoid pushy sales people by allowing us to measure your roof or fence with satellites and get you a free online estimate within 24 hours or the next business day. Click the Get Estimate button below for your free no obligation roof estimate.

We will give you the best new roof at the lowest price. We can offer that, because of innovations we’ve made to streamline the process start to finish.  As a result we guarantee to save you time and money.

MC Squared Construction And Consulting BBB Business Review

Get your FREE NO OBLIGATION roof estimate with the button below.

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The default bid you will receive instantly is for Atlas Pinnacle Pristine shingles with Scotchgard, which will be installed by Atlas Pro installers. The owner Quinn will reach out personally so we can discuss material options and answer any questions you may have within 24 hrs in most cases.

In the meantime we will be compiling a detailed report based on satellite imaging software and sending you an actionable bid for each material option. There is no pressure and there is no up sale.  You get pricing for all your options and you schedule when you are ready. Once you and Quinn have spoken, or if you are ready to schedule before that, please visit our Schedule/Contact page to view availability for your pre-inspection.

Get your new roof NOW; Pay for it LATER

We know that investing in your roof is often an unexpected expense, and one you may not be prepared for. Don’t risk further damage to your sheathing or the interior of your home by waiting too long. We are proud to be able to offer monthly payment options. If you’ve already had damage to the interior of your home, our financing extends to cover any additional work that you may need or want or need to have done (bath room remodel?). Weather you have a leaking roof or your roof is just at the end of it’s life, we have options to help disperse this unexpected cost. Click the button above to prequalify for payment options on your project.

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Your new roof is your home’s main defense against the elements. We hire the best roof installation teams. And have created a culture for our crews, through benefits and bonus structure, to be incentivized to perform to perfection.

Roofing roofer


We aren’t paying a salesperson to go out and push you to buy from them for 2 hrs, And we’ve negotiated volume pricing from our suppliers. Those, and our industry low margins are a few of the ways we are able to offer top of the line quality at or below other roofing companies.

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Fast and Clean

Most roofing projects can be completed in ONE DAY!!! All landscaping decks and other surfaces shall be protected. We use thorough magnet sweeps after. In most cases you can leave for work in the morning and have a new roof by the time you get home!

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